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2024 Licenses Levels

Full License $60.00

A USA BMX Freestyle "FULL" License is required when competing for a Year End ranking or when competing at 2 or more events in a season. 

Want to join the fun, but only for a weekend? Check out our WEEKEND PASS below....

Weekend Pass $25.00

We realize some feel more comfortable with the Try-before-you-buy approach. Not a problem. Experience the fun and make life long friends with the WEEKEND PASS license. You won't be eligible for the Year End ranking, but if you end up loving it (we think you will), we will retro your points earned when you upgrade to the FULL license.  

AM Jam License $10.00

Jams are fun. Cheering each other on is fun. Some riders prefer this and some riders get introduced to the sport with jams. In 2024, USABMX Freestyle will be hosting Mongoose AM JAMs. A license is required, but we're making it as easy as possible with the AM JAM license.

digital License $10.00

USABMX Freestyle requires a license for digital event, but we're making it easier than easy with the entry level Digital License. This license is not valid for live competitions and only allows for ranking of digital events.

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